Spinal Degeneration Specialist in Cadiz

Spinal DegenerationThe most common cause of spinal degeneration is abnormal bio mechanics of a joint. This simply means that the proper relationship between the bones is incorrect, creating the joint to suffer destructive forces over time.
A joint must line up correctly and have it's full range of movement to maintain its stability and integrity.

In the spine there are two curves called lordosis. These curves help the spine absorb and redirect forces. (to which it is constantly exposed) The second line of defense is the discs that are between each vertebrae. Each disk is like a fat rubber washer that separates, cushions and protects the bone and joints. Each bone, to stay healthy, must be able to move fully in 6 planes of motion (flexion-extension, rotation left and right, and lateral bending left and right) With proper motion the disk absorbs water and hydrates itself so it can stay fat and spongy and do it's work. Loss of this range of motion dehydrates the disk making it thinner decreasing the size of the hole (intervertebral foramen) thru which the nerve roots pass. Nerve compression then occurs.

To understand this very quickly and easily it's just important to know that proper movement is what keep the bones and discs healthy, improper movement causes a wear and tear that over a long period of time begins to damage them. It may take as long as 10 years for the effects of spinal degeneration to begin showing symptoms such as pain or stiffness. Without proper care to eliminate the causes, then degeneration follows an unchecked downward spiral that tends to accelerate with age. Medication alleviates the symptoms but does nothing to cure the cause. Massage alone will not recreate proper spinal mechanics.

X Ray of Degenerated Spine

This condition responds very well to chiropractic care and chiropractic adjustments can help halt or slow down the degenerative process.

Spinal degeneration is almost always seen in people who suffer or have suffered disk herniations, patients with escoliosis, people with a history of whiplash and in people who sit for long periods of time (computer/office work, drivers etc.)

Long term degeneration can cause "Stenosis" which is a narrowing of the canal thru which the nerve roots pass or even of the spinal cord itself, because bone spurs begin to occupy the space. With enough time the disks wear out so much that they are too thin to protect and the bone spurs grow out so much they interlace and fuse the vertebrae. The result is that you suffer a great deal and lose function gradually which limits you and decreases the quality of your life. The good news is that Chiropractic can help.

Degeneration is a long process taking years to develop. Because you can't see it going on and because pain does not show up right away, then attention to it gets put off. Think of it like a tooth cavity, by the time pain shows up there is already a hole in the tooth although the process was going on for a long time.

Spine Problems

Prevention is the best decision since the amount of degeneration a person has cannot be undone, but it may be halted or slowed down, the pain can be reduced and the range of motion increased. Chiropractic care provides a great, low cost, pain free, safe way to deal with this health problem.

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